Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Shakespeare turns in his grave: Roast pork and vegetable potage

So the little ginger one and I have just arrived back from holiday in Tenby, on the coast in Wales. When I say the little ginger one, of course I mean the giraffe - not the other half or the cat. Although they are also both ginger which makes me slightly concerned for my own sanity.

Anyhow, the trip was lovely and relaxing and all the usual nondescript holiday nonsense words one might use. It also happened to be Shakespeare's 450th birthday, so as we were in self-catering accommodation the giraffe and I decided we'd have a little celebration. Invitations stamped with the Queen's seal and accompanied by a peasant playing the lute (honest) were delivered to the other residents, namely the other half, my long-suffering parents, and Colin. Yes, Colin is Mum's giraffe, obscurely named after a seagull. Now y'see where I get it from...

I'm not going to bother writing an entire recipe for what is essentially roast pork, apple sauce and a vegetable stew renamed for the occasion (sorry Shakespeare), but I did take a pretty picture or two, and thought I'd share them. Especially as the homemade Chance cards for Monopoly, satsuma-and-bamboo-skewer jousting and make-your-own-Elizabethan-name games were, if George may admit, rather clever...

Roast pork belly with crackling, apple sauce, vegetable potage and white trencher

And no, I didn't use tomatoes or potatoes as they weren't invented yet. Well, not in Europe, anyway.

George wasn't happy about this.
You get the idea...

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