Friday, 5 April 2013

George is famous (for a week, anyway): Dodgy pheasant, and seafood chowder

We (this is George and I) were very excited to be joined by lots of friends for the inaugural viewing of yours truly on Masterchef last night. Ok, so we don't last very long, but we are proud anyway!

We tried to steal the apron but apparently BBC budgets won't allow it. Grrr.

We'd also like to give a few excuses for our early exit. Ok, so we know this is probably just bad losing but we're going to do it anyway...

a) We had a stinking cold and couldn't breathe.
b) A dry pheasant with tortilla wasn't our greatest move, we agree. However, we would also like to point out that we wanted to do something that wasn't meat, potatoes and sauce. And failed. Ah well.
c) Our Irish other half shouted profanities at the TV when John Torode was making his 'soda bread'. Our Irish friends say that it sounded more like wheaten bread to them. So there. Egg in soda bread... Humph.

Sulk over - enjoy the show, and just to show that we are nice really, we are now TEAM LARKIN all the way!

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