Sunday, 13 January 2013

Winter veg panic: Sausage, swede and beetroot roast

I have taken to thanking God every evening for the existence of two things I feel a little guilty for taking for granted: a) the freezer, and b) the veg box.

I am well aware that thinking about what to cook for dinner occupies the majority of my day normally anyway, but in January it seems to be even worse - the pennies are pinching and there's a definite need for something more warming and filling than an iceberg lettuce and a bit of floppy cucumber, and a diet of leaves is apparently not conducive to a happy giraffe in these cold climates.

Having had a prod from the ungrateful little animal, I woke up the other morning and actually managed to have a look in the freezer to see if there was anything in there that might work for dinner. And there they were, my saviours - six gluten-free sweet chili sausages, purchased by my forward-thinking other half from Budgens (almost all their sausages are gluten-free, it's marvellous) and popped into the freezer.

On arrival back home from work, I continued to thank the Lord / my lucky stars / my other half's debit card for the delivery of the winter veg box, not all of which we managed to scoff over Christmas. However, we managed to leave the stuff that one tends to think is a bit boring (swede) or isn't quite sure that everyone likes (beetroot - the other half hates it), or which quite honestly panics me a bit (anything that looks like this celeriac). So, taking the knife firmly between his hooves, here's what George rustled up for us...

Sausage, swede and beetroot roast

Here's a 'before' picture for you, beetroot firmly at the side for the other half...

Peel and chop a swede into nice big chunks, and put in a roasting tray along with a couple of chopped field mushrooms, some whole beetroot, some halved tomatoes and two whole cloves of garlic. Add a big glug of olive oil, some cumin seeds, a shake of paprika and a pinch of dried chilis, and do a little shaky dancy thing around the kitchen to mix it all together.

Lay the sweet chili (or other) sausages on the top, and a nice big sprig of thyme, and cook for about 30-40 minutes in the oven, on about 180c.

Delicious, warming, filling, cheap - and a nice low carb count!

And the 'after' picture, beetroot all for me. Yum Yum.


  1. That looks very tasty. The celeriac picture link made me laugh - I must have missed that one first time round!

  2. I tried celeriac recently and didn't like it much. Everyone keeps going on about how lovely it is. This weekend, I tried roasted turnip (yummy) and made cauliflower 'rice' (yummier). Such fun. I have golden kiwi fruit today to try.

    Liking the carb comment btw x

    1. I'm guessing roasted turnip must be quite similar to swede. I'm a swede convert, I love it! And what's a golden kiwi fruit?!

  3. Roasted parsnips , butternut squash or sweet potatoes are good , too , but beetroot's the best !