Tuesday, 22 January 2013

George goes to Japan (in Ashford): Chicken Katsu

Last night George, the other half and I were invited round to my sister's house, which luckily is only about 5 minutes down the road from us. My sister is Cabin Crew with British Airways and speaks fluent Japanese. We found out last night that she cooks fluent Japanese too. 

However, it was with some trepidation that I walked up the path to her front door, and not just because the path was frozen solid with ice. Before the event, she posted the following on Facebook:

今夜初めて料理がシェフみたいに詳しい姉のために日本料理を作るって約束しちゃった。彼女がめっちゃ期待してるらしい。あー、どうしよう ><

I think this was aimed at her Japanese friends, as quite obviously I couldn't make snout or tail of what she was saying. But for us idiots who can speak a tiny bit of school-taught French and just about as much English, Facebook has this clever in-built Bing translation tool, which when I clicked on it, said the following:

"I had for the first time cooking making Japan dishes for more my sister like a chef tonight. His turtle woman really are seems to be excited. Oh, what should I do"


Apparently this had something to do with one word half meaning something else, as my sister valiantly tried to explain, but I was too busy giggling to listen.

Anyway, here's what she cooked, which was (for the record) delicious.

Chicken Katsu

George had only taken a small bite before I whipped the camera out and rearranged the chicken...
And here's how, in her words...

"You make it by dipping the chicken in raw egg and then Panko breadcrumbs, and deep frying for about 5 minutes on each side - the oil has to be on a medium heat so it goes golden-brown but doesn't burn. The rice was just standard Japanese rice and the vegetables [onions and carrots] were literally just fried in veg oil and loads of soy sauce. That's all it was."

Easy, huh? Well, apparently so - but as you can only get Panko breadcrumbs from a special shop in central London maybe not so much. However, I reckon it would work with gram flour mixed with a little bit of ground ginger for a similar effect - the Panko breadcrumbs made the chicken lovely and light and crispy. You can get Japanese rice and gram flour from big supermarkets. 

George says it was just the ticket. Thanks, Anna!

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  1. Okay,so that's a meal sorted when she next comes to stay with us, then.