Tuesday, 8 January 2013

And now for the diet: Monster cake and Monster pig

Well, happy 2013 one and all. I do hope you all had what is generally referred to as 'a good one' over the Christmas period. We certainly did, although George is feeling the effects of trying to eat his weight in cake. He tried his best, but as the monster cake the other half and I made weighed over two stone, he struggled a little.

George decided to wear his reindeer costume for the festivities.
Continuing on the Monster-sized theme, George and I cooked a whole pork belly on Christmas Day for 12 friends (and a dog). Along with the obligatory roasties, veg, gravy and stuffed peppers (for the veggie in the room) it went down a treat, especially with the dog.

Dougal relaxing with a foot massage from his 5-year-old friend Maria, after eating a whole pig.
And lastly with a not-so-Monster-sized but oh so much appreciated theme, we were treated to a lovely Christmas morning breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bucks fizz.

Thank you Chef Jose.

So, Happy New Year, and if anyone wants to join me in signing up to WeightWatchers, let me know!


  1. Just a tip - when you get weighed at the class, don't have that cake in your pocket.