Sunday, 9 September 2012

The morning after the night before: Baked chorizo omelette

A perfect Sunday morning breakfast to counteract whisky-fumes coming from the direction of other half. Stuck head in the fridge and used what I could find. 

I had some large potatoes that needed using up, but in an ideal world I'd substitute them for new potatoes, so for the purposes of this recipe I've lied and pretended that my fridge was perfectly stocked...

Baked chorizo omelette

Slice chorizo and saute in butter. Add half a finely chopped leek and turn heat down low so that it cooks slowly and caramelises in the yummy pimenton flavours.

Meanwhile, thinly slice 7 or 8 new potatoes and boil until still firm but cooked through. Whisk together 6 eggs with salt, pepper and a bit of cream. 

Add leftover salad leaves, a couple of sliced tomatoes, herbs and whatever else green you fancy to the chorizo and leeks, and warm through for two minutes. 

Layer up in a dish, pour the eggs over and whack in the oven for 25 minutes on around 200 degrees. Eat with a cup of coffee whilst watching Lovejoy on repeat. 

Note to self: must find out how to add accents onto letters and degrees marks in this blogger thingy...


  1. This blog is going to be very, very funny if you carry on like this. Brilliant. George is a very lucky giraffe.

    1. Thanks very much. George doesn't seem to think so, but he'll realise one day.

  2. Chorizo and Lovejoy ! So much more appealing than a prairie oyster .

  3. Smitonius - I had to google 'prairie oyster'. I now wish I hadn't! I think I'd settle for a Bloody Mary anytime...!