Thursday, 13 September 2012

The bowl returneth... and a nice cup of tea

And now, if we could all stand to hear our reading today which is taken from the Gospel of St George, Chapter One, Verses 7-8.

"And as I observeth the masses gathered to heareth the Word of George, Lo! a miracle becometh apparent to me in the form of a choir of angels carrying on a gold throne a blue-and-white spotted bowl which doth match my drinking chalice, and the Lord Giraffe vouchsafed the following words for mine ears alone: 'Go, and tell disciples of the food world over what you have seen with thine eyes today - that if your plate, bowl or knife be vanished, publish the wrath of the Lord for all eyes to see and all ears to hear, and said plate, bowl or knife will be returneth forthwith.' And I fell to the ground in thanksgiving that no plate, bowl or knife would never escapeth the clutches of this disciple again."


George was pretty sure there were no staplers or purple folders available in 24BC Jerusalem, but decided a cup of tea was worthwhile anyway...

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