Sunday, 9 September 2012

Someone ate my cheesecake

I was very proud of myself yesterday, having made my first foray into baking since last year's disaster with a loose springbound cake tin, a very flat Victoria Sponge and a visit from Grandma. 

Not being able to eat the base myself (stupid gluten-free rules) I decided to leave the baked cheesecake for the other half and friends to taste later. We didn't quite get that far, and after a summer lamb risotto, a few bottles of cheap fizz and a visit to the local seedy club, we arrived back at the flat and played my friends' favourite game, which consists of me sitting at the piano and them yelling showtunes in what we think at that point of the night is a harmonious manner.

At some point during the melee, someone obviously decided they were hungry.

12 midnight: One whole baked cheesecake in fridge.
2am: Half a baked cheesecake in fridge.
This morning: Decided to take photo for evidence...

I found hoofprints in the butter

For those who are interested, the recipe is really easy and brilliant - from 'home food', published by Murdoch Books - recipe for 'Baked cheesecake' on page 340. One of my favourite ever cookbooks, and it doesn't even attribute an author. There's another one in the same range called 'hot food' which is also fab.

Oh, and it says it serves 10. I recommend you don't invite my other half to share it if you want it to stretch to more than 3. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - have updated blog with recipe details, but didn't want to abuse anyone else's copyright!

  2. Clever of you to marry someone who can hoover up any gluten that might come your way !
    I'd like to hear more about the summer risotto ....

    1. How true, but unfortunately we're not married (yet), so I'll have to tell him to pop the question so that he can officially be the gluten-hoover. Summer risotto recipe will be on its way, thank you very much for your interest :)