Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sobbing over a lost bowl: Chorizo and butter bean soup

On arriving at work this morning after not being able to get cash out of the machine for my coffee, my kindle battery dying, standing all the way on the train, and then finding 3000 unread emails in my inbox (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) I knew today was going to be a little tough.

What I hadn't factored in, however, was the effect on my already frayed, tired and hungry mind of my bowl not being in either my desk drawer or the kitchen cupboard when I came to eat my lunch. I'd forgotten that I couldn't find it yesterday and just presumed that it would turn up today. But alas, it has not, and short of promptly bursting into tears and looking like a total idiot, I decided instead to whine about it to Gemma who just happened to pop into the kitchen at that moment.

Gemma brilliantly suggested I should make a 'lost and found' poster to see if I could track my bowl down. However, I decided that if I published my torment and distress on the internet and sent the link to this blog to my Department, I might persuade someone into returning it to the kitchen and therefore saving me from the embarrassment of the game that everyone plays but won't admit it... pretending to be like a little office secret agent and sneaking round to look at everyone's desks, just in case.

So, for the record, my bowl is blue with white spots, and matches my tea cup, a specimen of which can be found of my desk.

And instead of the plastic tupperware container that I am currently eating out of, this is what I should have had in it:

Chorizo and butter bean soup

Never whilst cooking did those poor beans dream about the indignity of being eaten out of a plastic container

On a low heat fry some thinly-sliced chorizo in a generous glug of olive oil. When the oil starts turning red with the chorizo paprika flavouring, add in (all finely chopped) 2 shallots, a clove of garlic, half a chili (with seeds), half a carrot, a stick of celery and 3 sliced chestnut mushrooms. Fry together (still on a low heat) for another 5 minutes, before adding a tin of tomatoes, a tin of butter beans, half a pint of chicken stock, fresh basil, 2 bay leaves, cumin, pimenton and lots of salt and pepper. Turn the heat up and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the bay leaves and either eat straight away or leave to cool for taking to work.

You might notice that in my picture I've got sweetcorn in mine too. Given a choice I would have included peppers and probably left those out - but as there were no peppers in the fridge and half a tin of sweetcorn was left over from the chili fritters I made on Monday, it felt criminal not to use them up somehow.

Right, had better go and wash up this tupperware...

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