Monday, 10 September 2012

Lunching at one's desk: Miso chicken and noodle soup

I don't know about you, but as it gets to around 11.30am I am always desperate to have my lunch. It's even worse if I've brought something in, and I know it's there, sitting in the fridge. I made it to 12.20pm today, a fact of which I am rather proud.

Anyway, I'm still slurping away at my well-deserved lunch as I'm writing. I made it last night from some leftover roast chicken whilst the lamb caldereta was cooking, and felt rather virtuous when I presented a plastic tub to the other half to take to work with him this morning. (I would have felt even more virtuous if it had been tupperware - but alas, the work dishwasher has claimed them all, so it was a tub that had once contained mini chocolate cakes. Ah well.)

The recipe stems from a dish I saw Ching-He Huang cooking on one of her TV shows, although she used rice instead of noodles and different veg. But I must credit her with the inspiration!

Miso chicken and noodle soup

Chop a carrot into thin slices and add to a pan of chicken stock on a medium heat. When the carrot is almost cooked through, add some shredded cooked chicken, mange tout, rice noodles, 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce (gluten-free version if you're me!), 1 tablespoon of mirin and 2 tablespoons of miso paste.

If you're eating straight away, warm through until everything is cooked. Add chopped coriander and 2 chopped spring onions to finish off the dish. If you're taking it to work like me, add it all in but take straight off the heat and then warm up in the microwave when you want to eat your lunch. Rice noodles only take a minute or two to cook, so if you cook them through first, they will go a bit too soggy - and one of these days, I will take my own advice...

Due to space restrictions on the tube, I didn't bother to carry chopped coriander and spring onions in a separate tupperware container to decorate. Perhaps I should have - might have disguised the slightly-too-soggy noodles. Oops.

A really tasty, healthy and filling lunch - and cost all of about 70p. Cue smirking glance at colleagues heading back from local takeaways with overpriced sushi and cardboard beef noodles.

Thanks, by the way, to Mr Simmons for the photo. I dropped my phone in a goblet of red wine two weeks ago, and had to send it off for repair. I'll elaborate on that another day...



  1. Are you going to post the recipe for 'Phone in red wine'?

    1. Only when it's been returned to me, fixed, and I'm less grumpy about it!