Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cooking whilst 'merry': Chana daal and rice flatbread

It was the other half's birthday this week, so we went off to the pub with a group of friends to celebrate, and as is the norm with my friends decided to pretend we were still in our early twenties and carry on the party back at our flat. So, whilst Singstar action was going strong at 2am (sorry neighbours) I decided it would be a good idea to feed everyone. 

The result was a tray of roasted rosemary potatoes and celeriac, and a surprisingly delicious chana daal, which I kept to have for dinner the next night. I'd forgotten I had nothing else in the fridge to go with it though, and as neither of our definitely-not-early-twenty-something bodies were particularly up to rushing down to Sainsburys after the day at work, we ordered in a couple of main dishes from the local Indian takeaway to go with the daal. 

Another prime example of gluten-envy... naan bread. I LOVE naan bread, and don't even speak to me about the 'free from' versions which are minging. So I decided to make some rice bread to go with our curry, inspired by a recipe I saw in Anjum's New India. However, the recipe calls for fresh or frozen coconut, neither of which I could find in the supermarket, so I've doctored it a little, and the result is a yummy rice flatbread which is warm and pliable and great for scooping up chana daal and chana masala and lamb korai and pilau rice... or anything else for that matter.

Oh, I haven't included the recipe for the chana daal here because... well, to be honest I can't really remember how I made it. But it was nice.

Got too hungry to make them all, so left some to make today instead

Rice flatbread

Bring 300ml of water to the boil in a pan on a medium heat, then add 100g of coconut milk. Pour in 200g of rice flour and 80g of dessicated coconut. Stir with the stick end of a wooden spoon (adds a bit like a dough hook) until the dough comes together. Take off the heat, cover and leave for 10 minutes to cool down. (Don't do what I did and cover it with foil, which of course keeps the heat in and then burns your hands.)

Drop out of the pan onto a work surface covered with rice flour, and knead for 5 minutes. Break mixture into small balls (about 12 or so). Heat a flat griddle pan or frying pan, roll out each ball into a thin disk (should be a small plate-size) and fry for 25 seconds or so each side. The brown spots that appear should show you when it's done, but if you taste it you'll see if it's cooked or not - uncooked flour and water definitely has a distinctive taste!

Next time I make chana daal, I will post the recipe...


  1. Shhh ! When I make chana daal , I use MDH 's Chana Masala mix out of a packet with home cooked chickpeas ( only because you never get enough chickpeas in a tin ) .
    I'd be interested to see a recipe for a non-packet version .

  2. Wow, I don't think I know what MDH's is, but I've never seen a pre-made chana masala mix. Next time I make it, I'll post it for you :)